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Shaping Futures Foundation has partnered with communities like Malaika Kids,

an orphanage in Tanzania providing children with a safe home, a caring loving family, and education. Our goal is to ensure that children in Tanzania, Zanzibar can succeed in a competitive world.

In alignment with Zanzibar’s vision to rebuild infrastructure, we will provide renewable energy, internet access, computers, and curriculum to schools and orphanages. We will support the needs of the community by expanding access to reliable and efficient electricity services and renewable energy development to enhance educational programs, curriculum, health and nutrition resources, career opportunities, and training.

The curriculum will incorporate plumbing, electrical, construction/road building, culinary arts, welding, and other classes to help teach valuable skills. This will give students the opportunity to continue their academic studies at a University or use the skills they attained to begin in the workforce.

With the support of individuals, corporations, businesses, and communities, we can make an impact in the lives of young people in Zanzibar by providing the resources needed to help manage and grow their country’s GDP; negotiate with foreign partners to bring better paying jobs to the local communities; and help them understand the integral role of health and wellness in decreasing health risk.