Shaping Futures Foundation is a private sector-led initiative, in collaboration with the United Nations, social and public sectors, and academia, with the unique mission to enhance regions in Africa that cultivate education from academics to health and wellness to culturally transform communities to be self-reliant and independent. Shape the minds of the youth to advance themselves to work in industries along side the 1st world nations to achieve sustainable development goals.

Our Mission is to educate the young minds so that they have the tools to manage and grow their country’s GDP. Negotiate with foreign partners to bring better paying jobs to the local people. Understanding the role of health and wellness as an integral part in succeeding in a competitive world by decreasing health risk

Our goal is to provide education to Orphans and Social-Economic Disadvantage children from an all-around perspective to include but not limited to:


1. Educational programs that focus on math and science so that the students can compete with other nations all over the world, be prepared to apply and attend any University in the world with the goal of coming back to support the change of moving forward in the region.


2. Health and Nutrition to include proper physical fitness, providing healthy meals and teaching how nutrition which is an integral part in shaping minds and heading down the road of success.


3. Create/Provide jobs to the local people in the area to help boost the economy by hiring support staff, teachers, etc.


4. Manage and train by providing our expertise and on various subject areas and bring awareness to the region via social media, emails, and events to raise more funding to economically grow the region in an aspect to giving the locals especially the children a hopeful and successful future.


Locations we are focusing on are- East Africa: Tanzania and Zanzibar